Everyone seems to want to know how I asked Amanda to marry me. So here goes...

During our yearly Thanksgiving trip to Greer, AZ last year, I called Mr. Norm Farmer and asked for his permission to marry his daughter, Amanda. He said yes and the planning began!

With help from Ashley, I planned to surprise Amanda on Christmas Eve. I had told Amanda I was going to fly into Albuquerque on the 26th of December. Well on Christmas Eve I said good bye to my family and went to change my life forever. The whole day I had to keep my phone calls to Amanda short and sweet, I was too excited and did not want to ruin the surprise.

After what felt like a million years of waiting I was in the air and on my way to New Mexico. Here is the twist. Amanda thought she was going to the airport to pick up Ashley, hehehe nope it was me who would be waiting for her.

My first call when I landed was to Ashley, so she could call Amanda and tell her that she was ready to be picked up. Next, I called Amanda. She was going crazy trying to find Ashley....hmmmm. She turned the corner and I quote, "there is a guy standing on the corner who looks just like you..." so I said, "You better pick him up."

I got in the car, she couldn't speak, and I told her we were going to Old Town to see the Christmas luminarias. I picked out the perfect spot, took a deep breath and the rest is history.

So, that is how I asked Amanda to marry me.

Posted by Joe - June 20, 2004


Just wanted to say how happy Peg and I are for you two. And Joe, Your one hell of a landscape installer. Just don't borrow the wheelbarrow again.

Posted by - August 12, 2004 01:37 PM

Joe, I can't wait to meet your bride! I'm so happy for you!

Posted by - September 17, 2004 06:25 PM

My family and I were sitting in an old favorite restaurant after Mass on Christmas eve, when Matthew, our son, who was later asked to be in Joe and Amanda's wedding party, received a digital message from Joe in Albuquerque! A picture was sent of Joe and Amanda and "the ring!" WE all started cheering and going crazy....a young male restaurant employee dropped a whole tray full of dishes - hope it wasn't our fault for cheering, but I think the newly engaged couple could hear the racket in New Mexico. We were so happy - it was the most wonderful Christmas eve. We felt like we were there with our Joe and Amanda. Thank you for including us! We love you both so very much....the Parrack Clan XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by - October 31, 2004 05:18 AM
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