Michelle & Joey

July 3, 2005
Michelle & Joey

A note to our loved ones

May 26th, 2005

Joey and I want to take a moment to show our unending appreciation for all of you who have and continue to touch our lives. The love and support we have experienced since our lives began is nothing short of a series of blessings and miracles. And the miracles keep coming.

We are both deeply gladdened to learn of all our family and friends that are traveling such long distances to share with us in celebrating our most cherished love and commitment to each other. More then just for your attendance, we thank you for your blessing, which we do not take lightly – it is incrediably important to us.

Both the Sanchez’s and the Nacca’s, have welcomed us into their respective families with open and loving arms. Again, this is nothing short of a miracle. While embracing, loving, & enjoying our time together every minute, we can’t help but anxiously await the future. If our pasts have any bearing whatsoever on what is to come, then we have so much to look forward to. We couldn’t be in better company!

So thank you in advance for the joyful memories yet to come. We Can’t Wait! We love you all and gleefully anticipate celebrating our marriage with you this summer.

With all the love and appreciation possible,

Michelle & Joey