Sara & Chris's Wedding - Austin, TX - February 16, 2008

Our Story

We first met during our friends Dennis and Stephanie’s “Farewell to Austin” weekend before they moved back to Dallas in 2005. Both of us were “unavailable” at the time, but by January came to our senses.

Sara & Chris making kissy faces

Our first official date was on Valentine’s Day 2006. However, except for an unplanned traffic rescue in February and a second date in March, we did not see each other much until July 2006. Our “second” first date was on our friend Laura’s birthday and we bonded over nearly falling asleep in our pancakes at Magnolia Cafe at 3 in the morning.

A month and a half and many dates later we had a wonderful dinner at Mother’s Cafe, consumed much red wine, climbed Mt. Bonnell to look at the stars and the city lights, and promptly got busted by the fuzz for making out after curfew. We were officially an item.

For a long while, we drove across town day after day to see each other. Our courtship was wonderful, but exhausting. Four months and many miles later, on New Year’s Eve, Sara and her two (soon to be three) cats wheedled their way into Chris’s house.

Sara & Chris making kissy faces

On July 24, 2007, eleven months after we started falling in love, we planned to recreate that memorable date at Mt. Bonnell, but were nearly thwarted. The weather was rainy and hot, and the restaurant had been destroyed in a fire a few months before. We settled for the Hyde Park Bar and Grill across the street and the weather miraculously cooperated with a beautiful if humid sunset.

So we returned to Mt. Bonnell, the scene of our earlier run-in with the law, where Chris, choked up with emotion (and allergens) asked Sara to be his wife. (This was not a complete surprise to Sara as she had chosen and customized the ring.) Sara gladly accepted and immediately began making plans to completely redecorate. ;)

The intense heat marred the post-engagement photos somewhat. However, the happy look in our eyes outshone the sweat from a July day in Austin, TX.

Sara & Chris making kissy faces

Now we are happily planning a February wedding, two days past the second anniversary of our “first” first date. And we will now live happily ever after. (As if we weren’t already.)